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“Reverse Speech Professional can be regarded as one of the most comprehensive, intuitive, and well-designed audio editors you can put your hands on.”

Francisco Martinez, Senior Editor

Have you ever wondered,

What’s REALLY going on in your head?

Well find out now with Reverse Speech Professional (RSP) – a software designed to help you delve into the unconscious mind and pick out the truth behind words.

Yes really, by recording and reversing your speech using RSP you can clearly identify words and phrases hidden amongst the backward gibberish usually heard when sound is play in reverse.

Following 30 years of research a direct connection has been made between those hidden words and phrases and what we really think and mean when we communicate…

So if you’ve ever wondered why you do the things you do, say the things you do or have questioned someone else’s word – you can finally discover the truth!

4-Ways RSP Makes Light Work of Identifying and Accessing Your Speech Reversals

It’s easier than you might think,

Discover reversals at the push of a button

Reverse Speech Professional is a full service digital audio recording and editing suite developed from over 20+ years of experience in the field.

Reverse Speech Professional has a basic feature set comparable to any leading editing software with the addition of several essential features created exclusively for use by Reverse Speech enthusiasts, hobbyists and practitioners.

  • Speed Control
  • Transcript Preparation
  • Auto Dumping
  • Extensive Bookmarking
  • Simple User Interface
  • Large Capacity File Storage
  • Wave File Splitting and Display
  • Quick Editing
  • Multiple File Format
  • File Conversion
  • Bookmarks
  • Sound Effects
  • Telephone System Integration
  • File Labeling
  • Wave Form Editing

Version 4.0 – February 2016

  • Reverse Speech Professional has been designed from the ground up!
  • We created a fresh design and added new features, as well as improved previously included features.

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Discover the hidden messages

Buried deep within your unconscious mind.

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