Learn How To Use Reverse Speech Professional To It’s Fullest Potential… Discover How To Find And Interpret Reversals With Ease

Find out the truth about Reverse Speech, master it’s practice and learn how to correctly interpret the messages you uncover… plus learn the art of metaphor restructuring to reprogram your unconscious mind for success!

Finding and identifying reversals using RSP is immensely rewarding, but imagine if you could truly understand, interpret and restructure the hidden messages you find to improve your health, relationships and career – well now you can!

In response to growing demand for greater knowledge and understanding of this specialist and unusual field of study…

David Oates the founder of Reverse Speech created a comprehensive training program specially designed to provide users of RSP with an introduction to Reverse Speech and provide a greater understanding of the human psyche, the applications of Reverse Speech and reveal truth about the metaphors that dominate our thoughts!

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Reverse SpeechTM Home Hobbyist Course

Suitable for everyone from the personal user, hobbyist and as an introduction for students of higher learning this comprehensive training program includes:

  • The history of Reverse SpeechTM
  • Reverse SpeechTM Theory
  • How to recognise a genuine speech reversal
  • Finding your own reversals
  • Using recording equipment for Reverse SpeechTM in Children
  • Reverse SpeechTM in music
  • The levels of Reverse SpeechTM
  • A basic trance session
  • Reverse SpeechTM check points
  • Metaphors and Metaphor Restructuring

Plus MUCH more!

That’s over SIX hours of content delivered in easy to download, easy to listen to MP3 Audio file format, complemented by written training manuals.

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